Learning Circle Group 1: Global Issues (The Environment

Sponsoring Teacher : Amal Fahim ElQersh

.Sponsoring School: Mostafa Kamel Experimental Language School


Ahmed Amir, Amr Mahmoud, Mina Yousry, Mohamed Abel Monem, Yahya Momtaz, Rawan Sabry, Reem Ahmed, Fatma Ahmed, Reem Riad,  Fatma Mohamed,  Maria Emad,Salma Essam

City: Giza

Country: Egypt

Name of Project : Water Pollution



9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m very sad with this problem that the world is having,I know the dangers that people are passing and the problems that many people are suffering. I hope this problem would be solved.

  2. Hello,

    My name is Alvaro Anaya, from Cartagena, Colombia.
    I found your research very interesting, well-planned, and well explained; I could learn a lot of things that I didnt knew about water pollution. Im glad that there is more people who care about an important resource, such as water. Very good proyect.

  3. I find the page very attractive and useful to understand the importance of water and why should we care about it.

  4. Hello,

    It seems like you’ve put a lot of effort on this website. The information in it looks well studied and understandable. The best part of your site is where you talk about the cause of water pollution. We should all contribute to this ecological cause, and with alll this information we all should be able to do it. Great job Egyptian Team..

  5. Hello my name is Diego and I am from Colombia. You have done a wonderful job with this investigation. I really liked you’re web page. Its very complete and well organized. Thanks for sharing your investigation with us.

  6. Thanks for everything. Every single living thing in the Earth needs water to survive, and we can’t do so if the water is polluted. Hopefully this can raise an awereness in people and everyone will have a concience to try to not pollute it.

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